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In the modern job search, the littlest of things can make a HUGE impact. For example if you leave incorrect contact information on a resume, or if your response to interview questions have a negative tone, or if you don’t follow up with recruiters and employers properly- these can all lead to you wasting your time and effort, and most importantly, it can cost you the possibility of employment!

To be sure, there are tons of little things that go into making a successful online job search and the more you know the better prepared you can be when you see the ideal job posting.

Today, there are consulting services and career coaches with whom you can expect to spend thousands of dollars for advice; literally, thousands of dollars for career consulting, career coaching, interview coaching, resume consulting, personal brand coaching and much, much more.

But what about the rest of us, who are unable to spend the exorbitant sums needed for these types of services? What if I (the modern job seeker) have questions about my job search, my resume, and my upcoming interview?

The answer is MyOnlineCareerCoach.com.

We have compiled an impressive list of Career Coaches who contribute blogs, podcasts and their time for career coaching via our website. Here, if you have a question, you can peruse our list of resources and content, view our blogs and podcasts, and, if you want, call a career specialists to get instant answers for whatever questions you might have; specific information tailored for you and the questions you face.

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From your Career Coaches here at MyOnlineCareerCoach.com, we wish you best in your online job search!

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Tips and Techniques

1. Be Specific. Have Focus in your job/career search.

Looking for a job? Great. Don’t know what kind of job you want? Not so great..

2. Beef up your email signature.

With technology playing an integral part of our lives today..

3. Authenticity Matters

You need to understand the limitations and opportunities of your skills and abilities within the employer’s and recruiter’s mind and out in cyberspace.

4. Cross-promote.

With friends, centers of influence and family you have a network on individuals whom you can ask to help you find your ideal career.

Success Stories

"I wanted to let you know that I was successful in finding a new position to which I transitioned on December 1. I am convinced that the improvements you made to my resume were instrumental in helping me communicate a true value proposition to prospective employers. I feel very fortunate, and I really appreciate your efforts.”
- Franklin Trusk

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Mark Montoya
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"You only live once, so don't live with regrets."
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 Coach Stephanie

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"You only live once, so don't live with regrets."

Coach Kisha

Career Transition Expert

"A Stop Doing List is More Important Than A To-Do List."
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